Meeting Meeting Watch our 2023 Bali Conference Aftermovie! Benefits Benefits Read more Get return with your investment on Alfa Global Pill Truly Global Read more The Alfa Global Family is an international logistics group which is represented all over the world.


The Alfa Global Family is a group of two non-exclusive logistics network dedicated to excellence. Whereas other freight networks claim to be the largest or most powerful, we focus on quality rather than quantity.

The Alfa Global Family brings together the expertise of the Alfa Logistics Family and the Alfa Breakbulk Family. These two sub-networks are each didicated to their own specific niche market.

As we are stronger together, we truly believe that the unique expertise of our members will result in a dynamic synergy, operational integrity and financial stability needed to build successful business relationships.


Alfa Logistics

The Alfa Logistics Family is an international logistics network dedicated to general freight forwarding.

Alfa Breakbulk

Alfa Breakbulk is a breakbulk and project cargo logistics network that mainly focuses on innovation and excellence.



“Even being new in the network, we met some nice people and it even brought business with us that we didn’t expect. The conference itself was really good but I really hope  the next conference will be in person”

“There are some programs which make it possible for a smaller company to take on projects much larger than its working capital might otherwise allow. Like many things in life, one gets out what one puts in”

“I can actually see that you guys are trying really hard to build a very strong bond to create a really strong network. I really like that. That is great.”

Jaqueline Silva


H.W. Luehrs


Gavin Trapsham


Conference Impressions