Loyalty Bonus Program


The PartnerShipPlus program is rewarding, renumerating

and honoring loyal members contributing to the growth, expansion and promotion of the Alfa Global Family.

Introduce new members

PartnerShipPlus is applied to members of the Alfa Global Family that succesfully introduce one or more new members into our logistics family, hence contributing to the growth of our logistics network.

Get return on investment

PartnerShipPlus is one of the ways we are rewarding pro-active members and ensuring they are able to get the return on investment they are looking for as a part of the Alfa Global Family.

$25 per shipment

Receive $25 per shipment, given that you are the member that is nominating the cargo. Routings between daughter or sister companies are not eligible for our Bonus Loyalty Program.

$500 incentive

The loyalty bonus is limited to $500 per successful referral per year. This means that you can be rewarded for a maximum of 20 shipments per referral.

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