Cargo insurance

Alfa Global offers their members custom made covers that are highly competitive and can be printed straight from our website. In case of exceptional cargo, heavy lifts and OOG shipments for which standard tariffs are not possible, we assist our members with tailormade cargo insurance premiums.

E&O liabilities

Furthermore, our insurance brokers also allow members of the Alfa Global Family to conclude a tailor made errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, which protects them from negligent behavior, mistakes and inadvertent human failure. It includes a legal liability cover to assist our members from day one a claim has been launched.

NVOCC carrier liabilities

Unlike most other logistic networks, the Alfa Global Family is not afraid to take up its responsibility in case of carrier liabilities. Consequently, we own our own NVOCC called the Atlas Global Shipping Line (AGSL), which has been operational since more than 5 years.

Payment security

Our unique credit risks insurance covers members of the Alfa Global Family in case of insolvency, suspected insolvency, protracted default or bankruptcy of one of their business partners. The insurance cover amounts up to a maximum of US$ 50.000 between members of the same subnetwork.

Customs bonds

Our customs bond guarantees local authorities that our members’ duties and taxes will be paid, even in the extreme event of insolvency, bankruptcy or protracted default. Examples are our customs bonds with the Chinese Ministry of Transport (MOT) and the American Federal Maritime Commission (FMC).

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