Full carrier liabilities

The Alfa Global Family has its own NVOCC, Atlas Global Shipping Line (AGSL), which comes with its own house bill of lading (B/L), which assures our members that we take up responsibility in case of liabilities. It also covers the most important international filing systems.

Foolproof fraud protection

Our online registration system is directly connected to our insurance company, which ensures that our house bill of lading can only be used by members of the Alfa Global Family.

Registered with the FMC

Our NVOCC is registered with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), the independent federal agency responsible for the regulation of oceanborne international transportation coming in and out of the United States.

Registered with the MoT

The Atlas Global Shipping Line is also registered with the Chinese Ministry of Transport (MoT), the agency responsible for railway, road, air and water transportation regulations in the country.

Globally applicable

The Atlas Global Shipping Line (AGSL) is accepted by bankers worldwide and can be used for different kinds of transportations. Additionally, we offer our members user-friendly systems that make filing a bill of lading a piece of cake.

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