Member Area

Member directory

What makes being a member of the Alfa Global Family so special is that you gain direct access to the contact details of all three Alfa subnetworks. Our online member directory makes this a piece of cake.

Video tutorial

Do you not know how to use our special products? Luckily, our online member area now also contains handy tutorial videos on our cargo insurance, bill of lading and Network Pay.

Conference registration

In the near future, the conference tab of our online member area will offer Alfa Global Family members a more quick and efficient way of registering for our Global Annual Conference.

Financial security

Do you encounter payment issues with a fellow member? Reporting the invoices through our financial security tab will ensure that you will be covered by our credit risk insurance.

Exclusive tools

As if this was not enough, our Alfa Global member area also provides direct access to our online tools for registering your bill of lading, issueing cargo insurance and comlying with international filings.

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