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FLENZIES. is a game changer. It offers digital networking in an easy-to use, yet professional and trendsetting online environment, which in fact catalyzes the process of digitalization in the sector accordingly.

Logistics professionals

The foundation of this community was built on a world-class and personal network of the Founders, people who built and run successful companies along the supply chain.

89 countries

When you share a simple and clear question, professionals from 89 nations open their knowhow to you with the potential of accelerating new business as well as troubleshooting for your company.

Yes or no questions

FLENZIES. is a supply chain business accelerator combining true professionals, single-click „yes/no“ logic, brief, precise communication and proven software technology.

Fast answers

The Yes or No answer is as easy as it gets. It also ensures prompt and specific reactions to your question, which ensures real-time business development on a global scale.

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